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Olympic Development Program

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US Youth National Teams

Region I States      

Connecticut   Delaware   New York   Pennsylvania   Maine   Maryland   Massachusetts  New Hampshire

New Jersey   Rhode Island   Vermont   Virginia   West Virginia                     

Region II States

Illinois   Indiana   Iowa   Kansas   Kentucky   Michigan   Minnesota   Missouri   Nebraska  

North Dekota    South Dekota   Ohio   Wisconsin

Region III States

Alabama   Mississippi  Tennessee   Georgia   North Carolina   South Carolina   Florida

Texas   Arkansas   Louisiana   Oklahoma

Region IV States

Alaska   Arizona   California   Colorado   Hawaii   Idaho   Montana   Nevada   New Mexico

Oregon   Utah  Washington   Wyoming


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To ODP or not ODP?

This is always the question. 

There truely is no right or wrong answer. If you are going to participate with ODP, you should do so with

the mind set that you are there to get advanced training, play with the best players your area has to offer,

and make new friends that are going to last you a lifetime. This is, of course, the place you need to be if

you want to one day make an ODP Regional or National team. The odds of making levels beyond your

State team are slim, so it is important to have other reasons for participating with ODP. Being part of ODP

is a great way to advance your own personal level of play which will greatly help you when it comes time for club

or High School or being recruited for college. It is not mandatory to be in ODP to get recruited for college. Most of

the time, ODP players will receive first consideration but there are many top level college players who were never in their state Olympic Development Program. 

Congrats to Katy Frierson of the Birmingham United Soccer Club in Alabama.  Katy is a senior in high school this year
but has been invited to attend the U20 women's team camp with Head Coach Juillian Ellis. 

Check back soon to read interviews
with ODP players from around the US

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 Player Spotlight
  Alabama Native
Merritt Mathias

Merritt with her U17 National Team
She has committed to The University of North Carolina ~ Chapel Hill

We asked National Player Merritt Mathias what she did
to work toward making the National Team. Here is her response.....

"My soccer journey started when I was five years old and hasn't stopped nor slowed down since then. I owe alot of my success to my dad, he is the one who pushed me at a young age to work on my own and demand the best out of myself. We would stay after practice for hours just playing and working on different moves, and to this day I still go and kick the ball around with my dad. I think working by yourself is the best, it gives you the opportunity to just let loose and not be criticized with every mistake you make, you can act like it never happened and try it again. I can't remember a day where I am not kicking a soccer ball, whether it is with my team or on my own in the backyard. Soccer is my life and I think you have to have that love and passion for it to be truly successful. The game is so much fun for me and it is something I want to do for a long time coming, but I have a lot more work to do
and my backyard is where that is going to happen!!" ...................   Merritt :)

If you have a question for Merritt about playing soccer at the upper levels of ODP, please use this address:

For safty purposes this e-mailbox is monitored by an SS staff member before being forwarded.